Shipping Information

Curb-side delivery

All deliveries are curb side only unless previously agreed. In case of home delivery Metropolitan Euro Furnishings Inc. is not in charge of any in home floors, dividers or whatever other harms conceivably made by conveyance organization.

We avoid all possible damages that can occur when moving furniture from trucks to your home. All the details of the furniture are tightly and securely packed, for this we use foam plastic, cardboard and thermal film as they move right from the factory. It would be offensive if, when delivered to your home, furniture parts were subjected to unnecessary damage. Curb-side delivery is highly beneficial for the consumer, as the consumer himself can take the effort and time to appropriately maneuver the furniture inside the home without any risk of a rushed delivery being performed by the freight delivery company.

If any items are presumably damaged, they must be documented by the deliverer company. The delivery driver must wait while you inspect.If the deliverer does not agree to wait, mark this in the delivery invoice, WHEN YOU SIGN the delivery acceptance. NOTICE ON DELIVERY COLLECTION before signing your name if there are any signs of damage on the outside of the box.

Please, contact us if you would like to upgrade to "White Glove" inside delivery.