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Bedroom Categories

The production of beds and bedroom sets has always been, in a sense, a competition for world furniture manufacturers. This is an isolated piece of furniture, that today there are separate brands that specialize purely on its release. If earlier the choice of models was limited by the assortment of salons, now you can buy a bed in an online store, choosing one of hundreds or even thousands of options from any brand in Los Angeles.

Double bed - the most popular choice

No matter how much they talk about the tightness of the old apartments in Los Angeles, no one is in a hurry to give up the furniture. In new apartments, with a more successful layout, a large bed is also bought almost in the first place. A contemporary double bed can be made from a traditional array of valuable wood species and various alloys, often from forged metal. The favorite method of decor for this piece of furniture is hand carving and inlaying, engraving. The price of contemporary models depends on the complexity of the work, the choice of materials.

Modern products are created with the help of high technologies, so often such furniture can combine several functions at once. The key moment in the creation of a bed is full compliance of the product with modern orthopedic requirements, so often mattresses are more complex designs than the piece of furniture with a bed. Original details, multifunctionality - these are factors that affect the prices of double bed or models of a different size.

It is accepted to allocate:

Single beds have the most modest parameters and are designed primarily for children and adolescents. The width of these beds does not exceed 80 cm;
For European one-and-a-half beds, the standard is 96x190 cm (or the standard Twin-X-Long in 99x203.2 cm).
The most popular are the size of the bed, called "full" or "double", as a rule, it is 135x190 cm and a little more. This is a standard double bed that can provide a comfortable sleep for one or two people;
King-size bed. The largest bed with dimensions of 2 by 2 meters (193x203 cm). It easily allows you to accommodate 2-3 people, each of them will sleep as if sleeping on a separate place alone. The choice of kings and important people.

Bed from Italy - Quality and reliability

Italian beds in online stores are in the "top" of orders. Modern Italian factories (some of them have centuries of experience in creating furniture) today offer a wide variety of models in classical and modern styles. The classic is represented by replicas of Renaissance sleeping bed made of expensive materials, and the design of modern models shocks the imagination of the most demanding customers. A special place in the collections of Italian brands is occupied by:

Beds with a canopy found in almost every collection for the classic interior;
Cradle - we recommend that you pay attention to the children's furniture manufacturers in Italy.
There is no reason for purchasing furniture in Los Angeles to make the choice of a domestic manufacturer's favor if you like European furniture. The cost of "made in Italy" products is justified by their quality, design and durability guarantee, which you will be provided by the company. Buy a double bed, a single bed, for a child or an adult, in upholstery or trim, which will most suit your interior now easier than ordering furniture on individual sketches. After all, the choice of European factories often means the purchase of exclusive products: most companies take into account all the wishes of the customer and are ready to meet all requirements regarding technical characteristics and appearance.

Small and large bed, rectangular and round, massive and weightless, defiantly bright and restrained - in the online modern furniture store Los Angeles in MEF you will be helped to make the right choice, as well as to fulfill the plan arrangement of bedroom furniture.

Helpful Tips

A few more recommendations for choosing the perfect bed, whether cheap double with a mattress or a simple single bed, the online store of our site will help you:

When choosing a bed, pay attention to its height. Older people prefer to buy higher models. And young people will be fine and low models.
Do not skimp on an important purchase like a bed - most doctors believe that the cause of most back problems is an awkward sleeper.
Buy a double bed by MEF in Los Angeles of our site allows you very quickly and conveniently, the main thing - to choose the right quality and suitable for you option.