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Gone are the days when vases were taken out of the distant boxes only as needed - to put flowers. Now they perform a self-sufficient role in the interior, sometimes the form of the vases does not provide for that they will put bouquets in them. There are two main types of vases:

Table vases;
Outdoor vases.

To the desktop usually, include any vase less than half a meter in height. It is believed that a vessel of 50 cm should be lower than the level of the table. In modern design, this rule is not always observed. Also, distinguish varieties of vases according to the material from which they are made. The most popular are:

Ceramic (porcelain) vases;
Glass vases;
Metal (from a variety of metals);
Plastic vases;
Wooden (more often - bamboo);
Vases made of stone.

Vases have a long history, and therefore it is often possible to meet specimens that imitate this or that style. Antique, vases in the Chinese style, vases in the Baroque style can organically fit in both the classic and modern interior.

Vases are appropriate in any room, as well as another element of decor. Living room, bedroom, study, kitchen - they can find a place everywhere. They are an excellent assistant designer: they can fill the voids or emphasize the transition from one zone to another, hide some errors or shortcomings and simply decorate the room.

Where to buy a vase in Los Angeles

High floor vases had their fans even among the owners of small apartments, where to place such an element of decor is problematic. By the way, the popularity of the query "vases Los Angeles" on the Internet is also explained by the fact that many are looking for options with home delivery. A huge porcelain or glass vase to drive home is problematic, offensively, if it breaks before it gets into the house.

Today you can buy a vase in the usual supermarket, as well as an expensive antique salon. As you know, the vase is a fragile thing, and the price does not always save it from the consequences of falling to the floor. But nevertheless we will notice, high quality of the European production, for example, Italian, at least partially will secure money. And you will not yell at the child or be afraid to start animals in the house just because you have an expensive collection of vases in your living room.

Vases for flowers

As it was said earlier, it is not possible to put flowers in every modern vase. There are so decorated vessels that even a very beautiful bouquet will get lost in their background. Vase for flowers should be universal, suitable for any bouquets. Sometimes it's better to choose a less catchy option - to emphasize the beauty of flowers, and not to eclipse them with the magnificence of the vase. In a narrow vessel, usually, one flower or twig is put, in the bulk - a large bouquet.

If the house has decorative vases, which were not supposed to put flowers, you can decide on such an experiment. Let it not be a bunch of fresh flowers, and the original dry flower or composition, in any case, it will add color to the interior.